Friday, 6 January 2012

Guten Tag Germany!

Stop Number 2 on our trip was Frankfurt!

Before I get talking about Frankfurt and all the stuff there, I want to tell you about Ryanair.
Ryanair is this super cheap, ultraeconomic carrier. You can fly across Europe for prices as less as 10€. Yes, again there is the charm of travelling by a train and all that, but I'm talking way cheaper and lesser time.

Check out their website:

Okay, Now back to Germany:

1) Most important:
Do not go to Frankfurt on weekends, Every damn thing is closed!
Plan so that you do not end up here on a saturday/sunday. You can only sit and sulk.

Zeil Mall in Frankfurt

2) We stayed at a friend's place here thinking that we'll save money. Guess what, we ended up spending double the amount. If, in case, you are planning to do this, first find out where they live. 'Cos god knows, they may live in a town "just" outside frankfurt and it may take only half an hour to reach, but damn, the train tickets may be priced at 14€! So, can stay in a decent hostel in the city centre for that price.

3) Frankfurt is a place of business, not so touristy and all. It has amazing buildings and an even amazing skyline. So if you are expecting colonial architecture like the rest of Europe, you will be disappointed. But, it is beautiful.
Deutsche Bank Building, FF

4) There is a group ticket that DB (Deutsche Bahn) offers, 5 people can travel the whole of Germany for one single day at 38€. 
Yacht in Cologne

This ticket is a steal if you are travelling in a group. Even otherwise, buy the ticket and make some extra money by convincing some fellow traveller to travel with you. You can inquire and buy this ticket in Frankfurt Hauftbahnhof(Main train station).
But this ticket does not include ICE trains i.e fast trains, they include only RB and SB which are the slower trains.

We used this ticket to go to Cologne.The journey from Frankfurt to Cologne along the Rhine river is simply splendid. Stay in one of the hamlets along the way..There are castles, a river, bridges..heavenly!

Koln Cathedral

5) One more thing, there is "Carpooling" offered by this website:
You can post your requirement here and pay the person who offers to carpool. It is a convenient and
safe method of travelling for cheap.

Happy Visiting Germany!



Anonymous said...

wow this is cool. ur blog is like all in one. thank u for taking us on that tour. upload some more photographs.

Ana_treek said...

@Deb- Thank you Thank you :) :)..maybe i will..!

Kunal said...

yes..the same I have heard about Frankfurt..that is not touristy...we were planning to go there before...but then changed the plan to Munich later...which is to say...offers more in terms of history and architecture. :-)

Ana_treek said...

@Kunal- Hmm..thats true..but I really liked Frankfurt bcos it was different from other european cities!

Burhan said...

good information and pics....keep in coming on.

also visit :

Ana_treek said...

@Burhan- Thanks! said...

The way along the Rhein on the train between Köln and Frankfurt is truly great ! But I am no big fan of ryanair :|

Ana_treek said...

@theorchestraoflife- Yes, it has its faults..but we can't deny that its a cheap mode of transportation..

magiceye said...

useful tips indeed!

Shashi S said...

It was a really great post. I liked it. Specially since I have stayed at Koln for almost 10 days during the Furniture Exhibition while I was working for a great furniture manufacturer Herman Miller.
Koln is a beautiful place with its river front 100 year old eateries and lovely food and large doses of bear...
I have loved walking along the beach and specially visiting the chocolate factory and the oldest Cologne Shop, which gives its name to cologne...
And yes, Frankfurt is a lovely place to be for some time... but I liked Koln better...
Thanks for sharing...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
At Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Ana_treek said...

@Shashi- Thanks for visiting my blog..When I visited Cologne, there was a carnival going on..It was so lively and fun! Loved it :)

CY|\|O$|_|RE said...

Great post indeed...although I've never been there, but seems to be a useful information, will surely plan a trip someday... :)

Prachee said...

wow, you have a nice and very informative blog! great tips...will surely keep coming back :)

Prachee said...

and i m already following you :P

Ana_treek said...

@Prachee- Thanks!..I haven't been updating this blog properly..I'll do it now, because of readers like you :)

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